Enterprise Applications

Deliver high quality UI/UX web and mobile applications tailored around your business processes.

Modern Devops

Automate deployments and scale using CI/CD on hybrid or multi cloud containerized environments.

Artificial Intelligence

Implement current machine learning techniques to solve practical business problems.
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API Management

Distribute data to internal and external systems with performance and control using API gateways.

Polyglot Persistence

Optimize applications and analytics by strategically storing your data in SQL, No-SQL, Streams, and more.

Message Queueing

Decouple systems and distribute processing using advanced message queueing protocols.

Use Cases

The following are example key business areas we transform into strategic custom solutions that compliment your existing systems and ERP.



Streamline material requests with AFE and PO approvals to control purchases, match POs with receipts for quick vouchering, and build proprietary models for material resource planning.
  • Solution:


Order Management

Streamline the process of managing leads, building quotes, and executing orders. Gain agility by integrating your CRM, multi-channel ordering systems, and ERP.
  • Solution:


Asset Tracking

Associate all events that happen to an asset from origin to releasing from inventory. Build a history required to understand costs, usage, and profitability.
  • Solution:



Manage the explicit full lifecycle of the assets you rent from pre-rental, order, shipment, return, and billing.
  • Solution:



Scale your B2B and B2C distribution through a cohesive omni-channel experience. Add unique features to create the go-to platform for your internally and/or externally sourced products.
  • Solution:


Manufacturing & Repairs

Manage the queue of work across staff and stations. Track costs, material usage, and finished goods as needed for operational management and financial reporting.
  • Solution:


Equipment Tracking

Track the completion of required actions from onboarding, maintenance, and offboarding of equipment through your company's use.
  • Solution:


Inventory Management

Use technology to recieve, move, and ship material in high integration with your procurement, order management, and manufacturing processes.
  • Solution:


Data Distribution

Stage, warehouse, analyze, and distribute data strategically on multi-data storage platforms on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid infrastructure. Use API Gateways to centralize access and build automated and ad-hoc notifications for critical business information.
  • Solution:

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